Need a Bit More Information Before You Undertake Your Quest?

Starting points are allowed in any of these forms:

  1. City and US state, separated by a comma (state name may be abbreviated):
    Moon, OK
    Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
  2. City and nation, or nation alone:
    Bergen, Norway
    NOTE: There are currently only about 500 non-US cities in the database. If the city you're interested in doesn't appear, try just giving the nation and see what cities are available.

  3. You can enter latitude and longitude directly in any of the following formats:
    40:26:26N 79:59:46W
    33:52S 151:12E
    28.633N 77.2E
Props go to Bali Online for the use of their database. Whose database they use is a mystery, as it's not credited on their site (18jul1999).