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a word from the Kabalarians about the name Jessamyn

some info on Jessamyn West, the author

jessamyn web pages

Jessamyn and Dave are in Prague
Jessamyn Lee maintains the Sweet Girl Knits page
jessamyn's live journal

Jessamyn Annis and her photography

Jessamyn Bagley and her magazine ellipses

another Jessamyn Bagley with her oft-updated journal

award-winning Jessamyn Bean

Jessamyn Brown's wedding pictures

Jessamyn Bulow

Jessamyn Cruz

Jessamyn Dodd's porfolio

Jessamyn Clarke

Jessamyn Ferguson, a baby

Jessamyn Franks-Brown

Jessamyn Harris Photography

Jessamyn Kennedy

Jessamyn Kirkman-Liff, baby

Jessamyn Lovell

Jessamyn Reeves-Brown has a page on creating regency costumes.

Jessamyn Salter resume & website

Jessamyn Saxon

Jessamyn Schertz

Jessamyn Schmidt

Jessamyn SpellSinger and her inn

Jessamyn Urban & her music

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