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7nov... VT -> SEA


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24sep01 ... may you be inscribed and sealed for a good year

[readings 25 cents come in]

"Doctor,  will I be able to play the violin after the operation?" 
"Yes, of course..."
"Great! I never could before!"

I feel the same way when people say that things are returning to normal -- they were never normal for me before.

So, this year the Jewish New Year comes right about the same time as the Equinox [no, not the egg balancing one], and thus we greet the shortening days by seeking forgiveness and balance, and extending charity. The Virgo Month of Leisure draws to a close and I must say I cannot think of a worse time in my recent or distant history for trying to relax. Final postcard is in the mail.

If you were turned away trying to give blood this past week, remember that you can still donate. Blood is always needed and if you've given recently, give again in two months, it may even be good for you. I've got AB+ blood which is rare, so though I am a universal recipient personally, the need for my type of blood is always high. And remember, even though you give your blood to the Red Cross for free, they're making the bulk of their program income by selling it to sick and injured [or those who treat them]. Be sure to feed the poor in your own communities as well.

20sep01 ... arrival

I made it to Chicago and then Milwaukee after a few nice days and one nervewracking day of driving, small update about that here. Safe and more or less sound in a place where I can really spaz out and feel accomodated and considered. I'll head back to Vermont when I can conceive of being on a plane again.

Postcards are still coming in over here for a few more days and then the Virgo Month of Leisure ends and the days begin to get shorter and maybe more of us can start to recover our collective and individual sanity.

15sep01 ... egress

"We forgive you. Please forgive us."

14sep01 ... coping? poorly. and you?

Sleeping has really become a misery for me because my dreams haunt me. Then I wake up and reality haunts me. I've been unable to be around people and want to scream when I listen to other people talking. "must stand behind our president...." "attacking our freedom...." "even if you don't usually pray, now might be a good time...." "87 percent favor military action...." I realize this is my problem and that most people seem to be coping more or less normally. And I am acutely aware that, relative to many others, I have no problems at all. I woke up this morning and the power was out and I was sure it was the beginning of the end. I don't trust my government to take care of me, or others, especially others in other countries. What does a 33 year old woman in Afghanistan think when she wakes up this morning?

So, I decided to plan my escape from other people, at least temporarily. I found a car that needed transporting off of craigslist and now have a Jeep to drive to Chicago. Once I'm in Chicago I can hide out, or get on the second half of my plane ticket back home. American Airlines was ridiculously accomodating, and that was a mercy. Three or four days on the road talking to no one but myself seems to be just about what I need. I'll try to give blood in Wyoming, maybe the lines aren't too long.

Virgo Month of Leisure indeed. If you need a ride to Chicago, drop a line

11sep01 ... it's not my time yet

Just so you know, I was supposed to fly from San Fran to Providence today but had not yet gotten my ass to the airport. Therefore, I am neither dead in an awful awful wreck nor stuck at an airport with a bunch of hysterical bay area folk. Perhaps one day I will get to fly home and end this seven week vacation......

"...Most hospitals have set up ways for you to walk in and donate blood today; please, if you're OK, and your family is OK, and you are just glued to your television, think about ungluing yourself, walking to your nearest hospital, and donating blood."

05sep01 ... 33

[happy birthday to me]

"You are the consigliere of the library. The final goal of rock and roll. A conspiracy with an open invitation. The hostess with the Hostess products. The one with the skillz to rock the hillz.

The dark forces of the world ought to take heed and, for a change, meddle with fate in a positive direction in order to present you a happy birthday. Cause you deserve it."

03sep01 ...leisure, leisure, leisure!

The desert was oddly relaxing. I took about eight pictures. The Postcard Project is really where I am putting my limited energies as I fully luxuriate in the Virgo Month of Leisure. Updates slow and erratic until the 22nd or so.