Trivia Questions 20may02, People's Pub
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Q. Who was the opening act for the Monkees 1967 Summer Tour?
A. Jimi Hendrix
Q. Mike Nesmith of the Monkees has a source of income other than the music industry, what is it?
A. he is heir to the Liquid Paper fortune.
Q. Who was guest star when The Muppet Show ran way over their special effects budget?
A. Alice Cooper
Q. What was jazz pianist Thelonious Monk's middle name?
A. Sphere
Q. Who was the first Beatle to have a Number 1 hit single following the group's breakup.
A. George Harrison, with "My Sweet Lord,"
Q. There are two people in in both the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rock Hall of Fame, who are they?
A. Elvis and Johnny Cash
Q. In 1968, a special Hugo award was given out. Who received it, and what for?
A. The Apollo 11 team for "Best Moon Landing Ever"
Q. Name the space shuttle fleet
A. Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Atlantis, Endeavour, Discovery
Q. What year did the last person walk on the moon?
A. Gene Cernan was the last man to step on the moon in 1972
Q. Where does the sky end and space begin?
A. 50 miles up
Q. Who got free publicity last year by floating a 144-square-metre vinyl target 15 km off the coast of Australia, promising every American a free _______ if the core of Mir hit the bull's-eye
A. Taco Bell
Q. Other than the flag, what is the only official symbol of US government authority?
A. The mace of the House of Representatives
Q. Name the only person ever to be both President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
A. William H. Taft
Q. What three real, historical women have been portrayed on United States currency?
A. Susan B. Anthony, Martha Washington, sacajewea and Pocahontas [1886 $1 Silver Certificate MW]
Q. We all know that the Third Reich was Hitler and his cohorts, what was the first reich?
A. The First Reich was the Medieval Holy Roman Empire (800/962 - 1806)
Q. In 1998, Senator Patrick Leahy introduced an amendment into a bill granting money for marine research of the Great Lakes that declared what lake as the sixth Great Lake?
A. Lake Champlain
Q. Columbus died in 1506. Of his three ships, which one did he not bring home?
A. The Santa maria was wrecked off the coast of Haiti.
Q. In 1927 Charles Lindberg took off from New York to where? What was thename of his plane?
A. Paris: Spirit of St Louis "in tribute to his sponsor--the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce"
Q. Five years later Amelia Earhart took off in her plane attempting to do what?
A. 1st transatlantic solo flight by a woman. (traveling from Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, to Ireland in approximately 15 hours)
Q. top of the chart 1971. Jeremiah was a bullfrog/Was a good friend of mine/I never understood a single word he said/But I helped him drink his wine
A. Three Dog Night, Joy to the World
Q. Top of the chart 1979 I was a fool to ever leave your side/Me minus you is such a lonely ride/That breakup we had/Has made me lonesome and sad/I realize that I love you/'Cause I want you back
A. Reunited Peaches and Herb
Q. Michael Stipe, lead singer of the pop group R.E.M., has this comic animal tattooed on his arm, which was originated this day in 1910.
A. Krazy Kat
Q. 1982, Last Barney Miller episode, where was the precint located?
A. 12th precinct greenwich village NYC.
Q. Two of the following rivers are the same: Rhine, Rhone, Vistula, Vlatva, Danube, Moldau
A. Vlatva/Moldau
Q. According to the millennial issue of U.S. News and World Report, name three of the top five cities by population in the year 1000 AD
A. Cordova, Spain / Kaifing, China / Constantinople, Turkey / Angkor Wat, Cambodia / Kyoto, Japan
Q. The Libyan flag can be described in just one word, what word is that?
A. green.
Q. Which two South American countries are completely landlocked?
A. Bolivia and Paraguay
Q. The four largest US states are Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, what is the fifth?
A. New Mexico
Q. What is the offical language of Chad?
A. French
Q. At Christie's in 1988, a pair of Judy Garland's ruby-red slippers from "The Wizard of Oz" sold for $165,000. What other collector's item from the same movie sold for a comparatively paltry $3,680?
A. The stuffed body of Toto.
Q. The Titanic had 4 smokestacks, but there was something very special about one of them. what was it?
A. It didn't work (it was built because it was unlucky to have only 3)
Q. There were six original members of the "Brat Pack", as firstdefined by New York magazine in 1986.
A. Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise, Judd Nelson, Timothy Hutton,and Matt Dillon
Q. Oscar coverage usually includes live footage of the attending celebs arriving in their limos. This year, however, Woody Harrelson's arrival was not covered much at all. Why not?
A. The white limo he (and Larry Flynt) arrived in was painted with naked women
Q. Give the names of Rocky Balboa's main four opponents in the five Rocky films.
A. Apollo Creed; Clubber Lang; Ivan Drago; Tommy Gunn
Q. Since Hindus don't eat beef, the McDonald's in New Delhi makes its burgers with what?
A. Mutton
Q. What is the most expensive cooking spice?
A. Saffron, made from the dried stamens of cultivated crocus flowers
Q. The difference between apple juice and apple cider
A. the juice is pasteurized and the cider is not.
Q. The hottest chile in the world is
A. The habanero
Q. How do you tell if an egg is stale without cracking it?
A. Stale eggs float
Q. What is the primary Grain in each of the following cereals? Alpha-Bits, Raisin Bran, Cookie Crisp
A. Alpha-Bits (oats)Raisin Bran (wheat) Cookie Crisp (corn)
Q. Where is the skin thickest and thinnest on the human body?
A. back, eyelids
Q. Human infants share a special ability with many other mammals that decreases the likelyhood of choking. Adult humans lack this ability. What is it?
A. The ability to breath and swallow simultaneously up until 6 months
Q. How much does a human head way,rounded to the nearest pound?
A. 10 pounds
Q. To avoid getting "brain freeze" you need to keep the cold thing you are eating away from this part of your mouth.
A. the roof or top.
Q. Name the cardboard box that turned Calvin into various beasts and creatures.
A. transmogrifier
Q. In Davey and Goliath, what was Davey's last name?
A. Hansen
Q. What famous hippied-out cartoon premiered September 13, 1969?
A. Scooby Doo, Where are you?
Q. In the School House Rock video short "I'm Just a Bill," what is the law proposed by Bill?
A. School buses must stop at railroad crossings.
Q. What did the seven dwarves do for work?
A. they were miners
Q. Which flintstones character is absent from Flintstones Chewable vitamins?
A. Betty
Q. What are the only mobile National Monuments
A. SF cable cars
Q. What is the largest amount of change you can have and not be able to make change for a dollar.
A. If you have three quarters, four dimes, and four pennies, you have $1.19.
Q. Where is the world's largest art gallery?
A. The world's largest art gallery is the Winter Palace and Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russi
A. Visitors would have to walk 15 miles to see the 322 galleries which house nearly 3 million works of art.
Q. Where is the world's second largest stonehenge?
A. Goldendale Washington
Q. "Dirty liar" is not permitted, but "half-baked nitwit" is okay. It's a big NO to "pinko," but you can get by with "Socialist-Communist experiment." Also okay are "asinine," "damnable," "paid agents of Hitler," and "unAmerican vomit." But stay away from "cheap," "cowardice," "devious," "falsehood," "grovel," "Nazi," "slippery," "sneaky," or "unfair attack." What are we talking about?
A. Words and terms Congressmen can legally call each other (according to 38 pages worth of official guidelines).
Q. "Christ of the Ozarks" is the largest icon of Jesus Christ in the United States, standing a majestic 67-feet tall. Our only question is-- why isn't it even taller?
A. If it were any taller, it would have to have a blinking red light on top of Jesus' head, to abide by FAA rules.
Q. Macy's is the #2 consumer of this item in the U.S., second only to the federal government. What?
A. helium
Q. What is the active ingredient in mothballs?
A. naphthalene, paradichlorobenzene
Q. How much wood is a cord?
A. 128 cubic feet [4x4x8]
Q. Why did Roberta Gibb Bingay wear a hooded sweatshirt when she ran in the Boston Marathon in 1966?
A. Women were banned from the race until 1972, so she had to disguise her gender.
Q. Why was the original name for Pac-Man changed when the game was sold in the U.S.?
A. It was changed to avoid offensive rhymes (since the original name was Puck-Man).
Q. Everyone has seen the barber poles and been hypnotized by the swirling red and white stripes. But, what do those stripes represent?
A. Red = blood; white = bandages
Q. Where is the world's largest collection of pornography housed?
A. the Vatican
Q. There are 12 different ways that Sam I Am suggests for eating Green Eggs & Ham. Name any seven methods of Green Eggs and Ham dining for one point, or name 11 of 12 for both question points!
A. Here or there; In a house; With a mouse; In a box; With a fox; In a car; In a tree; On a train; In the dark; In the rain; With a goat; On a boat.
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