A Journey Into My Head
What the Doctor Found There

here is the word from the MRI people. I have a small pituitary tumor, called a microadenoma. it is not cancerous, and it is basically no big deal. it is the size of a lentil and it is not quickly growing. it is slow growing or not growing at all. It affects two hormones: prolactin [mine has been elevated for years] and estrogen. The doc and I talked and we have ways of monitoring both. I know what to look for in each case, I won't bore you with details.

Roughly 20-25% of the population has some sort of pituitary abnormality, making sure you keep an eye on them is the most important thing. The doc basically told me that if it starts to get bigger in any sort of hurry, I could go on medication. Surgery and/or radiation appears to not be indicated for any reason unless something changes in an unexpected way.

The endocrinologist referred me back to my doctor for follow-up care. Nothing in this diagnosis interferes with my ability to do *anything* I just need to get my blood tested in about six months to check my prolactin levels and if my estrogen levels get too low I may need to take medication for that.

More information on pituitary stuff is here, worthwhile reading and prepared me pretty well for the talk with the doc today:


I am not worried about this at all, for what it's worth. I am sticking to my plan of driving x-country starting on Monday, arriving on Boston about 5-6 days later. The talk at MIT is on the 28th and I will be heading back up to VT afterwards.