team orange - mefi swap 1104
Cautionary Tale
artist: Jim's Big Ego
you might have seen: video
(hidden track)
artist: Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio
about: some pitchfork commentary
August Closing His Mouth After A Long Summer's Yawn
artist: Jason Webley
lyrics: "I think that we can breathe now, the world is over.. We had our chances to be fighters, Now we're burnt out twenty something poetry writers."
I Wish My Baby Was Born
artist: The Be Good Tanyas
band bio: music emission
artist: Songs : Ohia
lyrics: "here are fewer greater former ghosts, we have our affect we have our ransom, this we'll survive"
House Carpenter
artist: Dave Van Ronk
interview: exclusive unauthorized interview
artist: Clem Snide
more: exercising to "exercise"
Weightless Again
artist: Handsome Family
lyrics: " Like those indians lost in the rainforest, forced to drag burning wood wherever they went. They had all forgotten how to start a fire"
Cubs in Five
artist: Mountain Goats
lyrics: "and the chicago cubs will beat every team in the league, and the tampa bay bucs will make it the way to january, and i will love you again, i will love you, like i used to"
Joyful Noise
artist: Robert Blake
more: Robert's stories from the road
Who Can I Burn?
artist: Joel RL Phels & The Downer Trio
more: semi-official former site
artist: Bob Dylan
lyrics: " Isis, oh, Isis, you mystical child. What drives me to you is what drives me insane."
artist: Cat Stephens
lyrics: "Trouble oh trouble move from me, I have paid my debt now, Won't you leave me in my misery"
Faded from the Winter
artist: Iron & Wine
lyrics: "Spoken words like moonlight You're the voice that I like"
Outro With Bees
artist: Neko Case
more: Blacklisted (album) review
Oiseaux et grenoilles
artist: Environments
more: I have no idea where the hell this comes from or what it is
Dog Tower
artist: Richard Brautigan
more: a post I wrote about this, post-election
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Thanks to Flickr user Jerrie for the image on the CD case.