Day 2

Jack's Daily Excerpt: The Solarium, too, must just be a crazy scene, the kind of place where you might be able to actually convince someone to lash together a couple of deck chairs, wrap it in a tarp and try a human kite/parasailing experiment off the stern (that's nautical for back of the ship). I've been trying all day to work up some enthusiasm for the idea, but all I've been able to manage is a few squinty nods. Not even the real dedicated stoners actually sleeping in the Solarium seem remotely interested in this scheme, but these are mostly AK natives and/or seasonal ferry travelers, and I sense that a summer tourist crowd might be more susceptible to suggestions along these lines, though with the crowd there probably wouldn't be any free deck chairs to try it with.

trip logSAILING...
weatherclear and cold
# of passengers195
Scrabble totalsJessamyn839
repair log snippetlight out overhead in aft. steward quarters' stairwell
factoid The price of a double tall latte on Alaska Marine Highway System ferries is two dollars

Day 3