[take a load off virgo, and go lie in the stars]

tell me how you're spending your leisure month?
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[virgo month of leisure]

Ah Virgo, the only sign of the zodiac represented as a woman and also the only one known for being uptight. Or was it organized? Or analytical? Either way, Virgos spend too much time thinking and not enough time just being. Hence the need for an entire leisure month.

We recommend taking it easy this month, Virgo. Quit your job, or go on work slowdown. Take a long vacation, long baths, long naps, and long lunches. Stretch it out. Let the phone ring. Let the mail pile up. Leave a dish or two in the sink. Above all, enjoy yourself and give yourself a once a year chance to really unwind.

Take the whole month if you need it. You know, you're really pretty when you stop wrinkling your brow like that......