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Spring! What the hell?? In the last week, everyone I know [or almost everyone] has gone nutty in one way or another. People are coupling, uncoupling, smooching, moving in together, moving out apart, getting hired and fired and just [as my Mom would say] tearassing around. It hailed today and yet it is uncompromisingly Spring.

Today is my sister's birthday who I am going to call as soon as I get through writing this. The good news, as of late, is that is up and running. Same content, new easy-to-remember address. I like it.

pink rabbit Jack and I had the last of the Jack-and-Jessamyn Rent is Theft parties and I am eagerly looking for co-sponsors for future parties, which I fully intend to have. Searching for "rent is theft" on AltaVista nets two pages, one linked above and Jack's page. No suprises there, I guess.

Attendeed included me, Jack, Mike, Marjorie, Joe, Margaret & friend, Traci, Paul, Tracy, Sean, Ken, James, Fred, Deb, Anne, Fil, Billy, Jenny, Kathleen & friend, Sophi, Kristen, Colin, Eric and Bette. Cool!

ipl logoIn professional news, my first legitimate web page is up and fully credited on the web. I didn't get any cash, but the page does get 1,000 hits a day and has my name in it.

Jack and I have decided to split up. It's the end of an era of sorts and I'm sorry if I didn't get a chance to tell you personally before you read this. He's moved out and is looking for a place to live and I am staying in the Odd Fellows Hall and doing stuff I was doing before, more or less. The split was amicable, but no break up is ever easy. Nuff said.

Here's the link to my Alaska trip.

I'm on my way to Alaska and will have nothing further to report this week. Last week I made an excellent veggie stew all on my own, saw Fargo and North by Northwest, hung out with a bunch o' pals at the Lava Lounge [no link to this great cocktail joint, can you believe it?] and packed. If there's going to be any live updating during the trip, it will be here.

Today is my Mom's birthday and I'm going to call her just as soon as I turn this modem off... Next weekend we go to Alaska on the ferry with my Dad. He's bringing his laptop, cellular modem and global positioning system with the hopes that we can update a web page live as we traverse the inside passage. I don't have the heart to tell him that no one will be checking our progress every twelve hours.

Got a legitimate web gig redesigning the web search page for the Internet Public Library who I do internet reference work for. The gig doesn't pay, but it does get 1,000 hits a day!

In the last two days, I've seen Slacker and Swingers. Kind of the entrance and the egress to the generation I occasionally call my own, though the people in Swingers are cuter. Heck, maybe I'm cuter too!

bingo cardWe had our monthly party -- a bingo potluck. About 20 people came -- Deb, Larry, Taylor, Megan, Olga, Cindy, Tracy, Paul, Mary, me and Jack, Kevin, Anne, Beth, Scott, Kathleen, Ken, Jospeh, Joe, Randy, Melanie and Margaret. Ken was our illustrious caller and kept us on our toes with such variants as the floating cross and the postage stamp. I won a volume of lesbian erotica and a CD by someone I've never heard of.

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