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[Dice the onions, crush
 garlic, and smash the state.] I am celebrating the closing of the Virgo Month of Leisure by getting a job. I know at least one other fellow Virgo who is doing the same. Fortunately, my job rules and doesn't take too much of my precious time. Being a librarian for real and true after calling myself a librarian for the past two years is really something.

I promise to start a more interesting journal page in October. My sister called and said she doesn't have my notes. I bowled a 126 tonight. I had a coupon. My shoes were on the house cuz the guy at the bowling alley knows me. I went with my friend from the cafe down the street who lets me eat right out of the candy bins. It seems like kind of a dream come true but it also sort of makes me feel like I may have been here too long.

Hermit/Hippie Mop Man/Boy job may be open again, make me an offer.


Once again, I get busy and I have a tough time keeping up with my PR machine. This weekend I spent some time at COCA watching the painting marathon, I also went to the Puyallup Fair [not as much fun when you can't touch any of the animals due to e coli hysteria] Speaking of hysteria, I also saw a movie about Eugene McCarthy and Roy Cohn called Point of Order. This was back in the early days of televised hearings when you could still see the senators chewing on their pencils and even smoking.

I'm still working on getting my Guate trip up on the web. This has been hampered somewhat by the fact that I left my notebook with all my trip notes at my sister's place and must wait for the slow old mail to get it back. My memory isn't what it used to be. Right now all I've got is a map of the places I went. Eventually there will be a line connecting them.

Silly trivia fact of today: I have a park named after me.


[admit one] I am slowly putting together the story of my trip. I'm hoping to be able to have pictures to go with it, but I haven't shot up all my film yet. Here's where I went [librarians, get your atlases ready...]. Guatemala City, Antigua, Ipala, Copan [in Honduras], Sipicate, Quetzaltenango and breezed through Boston on the way back. I managed to avoid all crime and illness, except for a quick cold, but now I seem to have bronchitis and a sinus infection, an offshoot of having a tough time staying hydrated in a country where you can't drink the water.

In other crazy news, I arrived home to find that I have a new job: adjunct faculty librarian at Shoreline Community College. Before anyone goes getting jealous on me, let me mention that the job is only six hours a week. A lot of the librarians I respected the most at library school work here and their mission statement flat out rocks. Wish me luck.


I'm back. My pictures are still being developed [no, I did not bring the digital camera] and I am going to my Dad's wedding on Saturday and not back in Seattle until Monday. Trip was GREAT -- more detail to follow soon.


The kid's terminals at Seattle Public Library have filtering software on them. I decided to look at my pages. Very few of them are banned outright [some of my image directories, and my Naked Librarians page -- though you can access the naked images themselves...] but some of my pages, like my Books I've Read come up okay, but all the "dirty words" like piss, for example are XXXX'ed out, right in the page. Weird. Words not X'ed out include such notables as orgasm, anarchy and bikini.

Oh yeah, I'm on vacation visiting Allan until later in September. Then I'll be at my Dad's wedding, then back. Maybe Eric [aka the Hermit Mop Man] will have updates, maybe not.


Hurray for September, the Virgo Month of Leisure. I turn 30 on Saturday, and expect to be celebrating it over a cool cerveza with people who don't speak English. 32 is really the big milestone for me in some ways because when I was a kid I calculated that's how old I would be at the millenium [I was off by a year], which I never really expected to live to see. Here's a brief retrospective on what I have and have not done by my 30th year, for better and worse:

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