staying in bed this Sunday

I have a heavy heart this week. A longtime friend of the family died on Tuesday. I put a photo of her up on Flickr, but otherwise I haven’t been talking about it much. Pat’s obit is here and it’s more of one than she would have had if she had gotten her druthers. I took a friend out to lunch on Friday.

I deal with grief poorly. Generally I just sort of slosh it around inside of me and usually it manifests itself as stress-related slightly-hypochondriacal random symptoms, and a lot of irritability and sleepiness. So, I’m laying in bed looking out the window at the wet trees in the backyard, realizing I’m not going to mow the lawn again this weekend and trying to make some escape-from-the-house plan before I get bogged down in endless linux upgrades and housecleaning busywork. On the other hand busywork beats moping and both of them beat more typing, so I guess I’ll wrap this up here. If you’re so inclined, it would be nice if you took a friend out to lunch.