now playing at jessamyn's job o rama

every job I have ever
gotten paid or otherwise reimbursed for
that I can remember

If my world of work fascinates you
please see my resume

Current as of 03jun18

Current Jobs

public speaker
community technology librarian
adjunct library school instructor

Past Jobs

online library suypport
adjunct undergrad instuctor
community website moderator
outreach librarian
book & video reviewer
online question answerer
trivia master
book editor
magazine writer
textbook writer [math, language arts, social studies]
standardized test scorer
standardized test writer
website reviewer
web design contest judge
community college librarian
freelance business researcher
tech support phone person
encyclopedia article writer
non-profit tech foundation co-director
educational researcher
odd fellows hall caretaker
doing word counts for my Mom
low-tech daycare operator
waitress/cook at the local micro-airport
receptionist for my dentist
administrative assistant for a gynecologist named Dr. Gross
drug store cashier
auto auction car driver
tennis club desk girl
nude model for drawing classes
farm worker
dishroom worker at the cafeteria
food server at the cafeteria
UPS package sorter
tempgirl extrordinaire
assistant stage manager
test prep instructor
columnist for a library association magazine
software reviewer
natural science librarian
internet instructor to Romanian journalists
technology project coordinator
computer consultant
VISTA volunteer
AmeriCorps volunteer