"You had a weird cameo in a dream I had last night.
You were saying something about trying to combine filmmaking with witchcraft.
Then I woke up, so feel free to complete the thought now..."
actual email I received this morning

[yeah, so I look 
like a zombie, at least I'm not watching television fer chrissake] [what will the girl become? slovenly.]

Okay here's the deal, I just moved to a new place and my computer and camera and everything else are out in the living room. I have roomates who would probably not like to be appearing randomly on the Internet, so I am going to put some filler pictures up here every now and then until I go to Vermont and can just take pictures of myself again. This is a picture of me at Linda's on April 13th taken by Bryan. I have chosen this picture because it looks [slightly] better than I actually do on an average day. You can round your estimation of what I really look like accordingly.

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