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Jessamyn West
PO Box 345
Randolph VT 05060
jessamyn at gmail.com, other ways to contact me
Open Library staffer, public speaker, technology educator
Internet Archive/Open Library -- Support Staff, Tech Liaison [5/14 - present]
MetaFilter.com -- Community Manager/Director of Ops. [1/05 - 5/14]
Tunbridge Public Library -- Technology Librarian [9/08 - 1/10]
Computers in Libraries -- Columnist [1/08 - 12/10, 12/12 - present]
Randolph Technical Career Center -- Community Technology Librarian [5/05 - present]
Rutland Free Library -- Outreach Librarian [9/03 - 4/05]
Educational Testing Service -- CA Achievement Test Scorer/Scoring Leader [3/02 - 1/04]
Google Answers -- Researcher [5/02 - 11/02]
Speakeasy Network -- Support Tech/Knowledge Base Manager [1/00 - 1/01]
Gates Center for Technology Access -- Educational Researcher [6/99 - 8/99]
The Foundry -- Interim Director [1/99 - 5/99]
Shoreline Community College -- Reference Librarian [9/98 - 6/99]
Amazon.com/Procast/Iris Libby -- Freelance Researcher [9/97 - present]
Seattle Public Library -- VISTA volunteer [9/96 - 12/96]
Seattle Dept. of Housing and Human Services -- Family Center Technology Project Coordinator [8/95 - 6/98]
Natural Science Library/U.W. -- Graduate Reference Assistant [3/94 - 8/94, 9/95 - 9/96]
Freedom Forum News Library -- Temporary Associate Librarian [3/95 - 6/95]
Center for Independent Journalism -- Internet Instructor [11/94 - 6/95]
Princeton Review -- Instructor [2/91 - 8/94]
Without a Net - Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide. Libraries Unlimited. [2011]
"Technophobia, Technostress, and Technorealism" chapter in Information Tomorrow: Reflections on Technology and the Future of Public and Academic Libraries. Information Today, Inc. [2007].
"What Do Librarians Do All Day?" Introduction to A Day in the Life: Career Options in Library & Information Science. Libraries Unlimited, [2007].
Editor, Digital versus Non-Digital Reference: Ask a Librarian Online and Offline , simultaneously published as The Reference Librarian, Vol. 41:85 [2004, Haworth Press]
"You Want Me to Put What Where? Freelancing Librarianship as Job, Hobby, and Passion." chapter in The Librarian's Career Guidebook, Scarecrow Press [2004].
Co-editor Revolting Librarians Redux McFarland Publishers [2003].

"Open Source Software On The Desktop," Library Technology Reports, May/June 2007.
"Saving Digital History," Library Journal's NetConnect, 15 April 2007.
"Subject Headings 2.0: Folksonomies and Tags", Library Media Connection, November 2006
"MetaFilter: Going Your Way" Library Journal, October 15, 2006.
"The Information Poor & The Information Don't Care Small Libraries And The Digital Divide" Counterpoise, January 2006.
"Ajax: Not Just Another Acronym, or is it?" SEARCHER Magazine, January 2006.
"Making a Library Web Site Part II, Getting Started" Vermont Library Association News, April 2005.
"Commentary: A Librarian Blogger at the DNC" LLRX, September 2004.
"Those Darned Users! How to serve your users without sacrificing safety, privacy or your sanity" WebJunction, September 2004.
"User-Centered Web Design as an Effective Outreach Tool" Marketing Library Services, Sept/Oct 2004.
"No, YOU check THIS out. Librarians respond to the USA PATRIOT Act" Clamor Magazine, Sept/Oct 2004.
"Making a Library Web Site Part I, The Basics" Vermont Library Association News, August 2004.
"Free as in Tibet: ibiblio's Cultural Cultivation & Community Creation" OCLC Systems & Services, May/June 2004.
"Rural Library Compensation, The Vermont Initiative" ALA-APA's Library Worklife, February 2004.
"The Librarian is IN, and online!" Computers in Libraries, Oct 2003.
"Why Should I Care About Clear Channel?" Vital Source, June, 2003.
"Patriots, Act" MobyLives, May 12, 2003.
"Librarians Respond to Google Answers" American Libraries, June 2003.
"Democracy is Dead and I Don't Feel Too Well Myself" Vital Source, March 2003.
"Google Answers Back or How to Become an Ex Google Answers Researcher" Searcher Magazine, January 2003.
"33 Films in Four Days" Vital Source, December 2002.
"Information for Sale, My Experience With Google Answers" Searcher Magazine, October 2002.
"On The Fly Reference" American Libraries, May 2002. [reprinted in The Whole Library Handbook 4]
"Shaking Things Up: Radical and Progressive Librarianship", Ex Libris, Nov 3, 2000.

Social studies 4th grade textbook exercises for Small Planet [13 exercises, 28 pages, 2003]
Book review editor, Parent's Choice magazine [2001]
ESL worksheets for 6th grade Math workbook, for Small Planet [55 worksheets, 2003]
Teacher's Edition 5th Grade Language Arts textbook for Publicom [120 pages, 2001]
Contributing writer for VectrumUSA web site review book [writing sample]
Contributor to:
Newsletter co-editor, Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association [97 - 00]
Columnist Alki Magazine/Washington Library Assoc. [writing sample] [94 - 95]
Editor of GSLIS newspaper The Sojourner [93 - 94]
Column co-editor "From Picas to Pixels" Serials Review [06-07]
ThinkQuest educational website design contest judge [99 - 01]
Left Bank Bookstore clerk [95 - 03]
Instructor in basic computer/Internet skills at Seattle Public Library [97 - 98]
Reference Librarian at the Internet Public Library [96 - 00]
Library Fines Appeals Committee member for UW.
Editorial Board Member of The Katherine Sharp Review [95 - 96]
Odegaard Undergraduate Library/U.W. -- Bibliographic Instructor [94 - 94]
MLIS from the UW Information School, 1995. Specialist in Internet and bibliographic instruction.
B.A. Hampshire College, 1990 -- Linguistics/Semantics
Elected to ALA Council as an At Large Councilor, 2003-2006
Writer/editor of librarian.net, a current events weblog of librarian culture
Student president of library school 95 - 6, vice-president, 93 - 4
Designer of small websites and blogs: Western Springs History, Librarian.net, Vermont Library Association, jessamyn.info a personal portal.
Webmaster, Vermont Library Association
Member, American Library Association, 93 - 99, 02 - 07

Randolph Technical Career Center -- community technology mentor Randolph, VT
I created a series of classes and drop-in times using community technology resources to teach basic skills computer classes to area residents. I also worked with area librarians to strengthen their technology offerings and help support and maintain their library computers.
Tunbridge Public Library -- assistant librarian Tunbridge VT
I am a part time librarian at the Tunbridge Public Library. We serve a population of roughly 1000 people. I am responsible for maintaining the four public and staff computers and automating the library (we are going from a card catalog to Koha).
MetaFilter.com -- online community moderator
I was the Director of Operations of the popular online community MetaFilter.com. I managed a staff of six, developed policies and procedures for community management and maintained the FAQ and the offsite wiki.
Computers in Libraries -- columnist
I write a bi-monthly column called Tech Tips for Computers in Libraries magazine outlining simple technological advice and strategies for small and tech-poor libraries.
Rutland Free Library -- outreach librarian Rutland, VT
I designed and implemented library programs outside the library, gave tours, and taught classes for target populations of seniors and teens. I also designed and maintained the library's website.
Educational Testing Service -- test scorer/leader Seattle, WA
I graded the California Achievement test essays for ETS on an ongoing temporary basis. I worked to tight specifications and evaluated essays on several criteria. I was one of the faster scorers, scoring upwards of 120 essays in each four hour period. I was promoted to scoring leader after one year.
Google Answers -- researcher Seattle, WA
I was one of the early researchers when Google Answers was still in beta. I answered questions asked by customers via an online interface and gave feedback on the beta software that we were using. Maintained a researcher rating of 4.5 stars [out of five] over seven months of work.
Speakeasy Network -- mail support technician Seattle, WA
I was the first full-time support mail handler at Speakeasy Networks. I managed a team of three to five mail support techs in answering email with a 24 hour or less turnaround time. Support inquiries ranged from very simple tech questions to complicated DSL routing and configuration issues. I wrote 40 form letters that were emailed out on a variety of support issues and also proofread and helped maintain the support web site and the support knowledge base entries.
The Gates Center for Technology Access -- educational researcher Seattle, WA
As a researcher I did brief and lengthy research projects using the Internet, library reference tools and phone interviews. I worked with a quick turnaround time and prepared reports on educational topics using statistics, personal statements, market research, and online databases.
The Foundry -- interim director Seattle, WA
As an interim director, I kept The Foundry viable while we searched for a regular director. I administered and maintained programs, I wrote and received grants, and implemented office procedures and systems to keep the Foundry running smoothly while undergoing a transition in management.
Shoreline Community College -- reference librarian Seattle, WA
I worked at the reference desk helping students find library materials to assist them in writing papers and answering questions. SCC has a large percentage of foreign/ESL students which presented a special challenge. I assisted in helping them locate materials, use the online databases, and access materials on the Internet. I regularly taught library classes in the use of search engines and the Proquest magazine index. I was also responsible for eye catching book displays and updating the web site.
Procast -- freelance researcher Seattle, WA
I did a variety of short term research projects and presentations on topics such as market research, finding high level employees with specific skill sets, and tracking down obscure and hard to find information for a headhunting firm. I worked under tight deadlines and used Internet resources for research as well as the library.
Seattle Public Library --VISTA volunteer Seattle, WA
As the Instructional Technology Specialist, I developed and maintained a program to teach computer skills to people who were learning English as a second language or had not gotten their GED yet. I designed and taught classes in Internet skills, word processing, keyboarding, and basic computer skills. I also developed web pages for use in these classes. I taught training sessions for other service workers in the uses of Internet technology to keep abreast of current issues in their fields.
Seattle Department of Housing and Human Services -- Family Center Technology Project Coordinator Seattle, WA
I worked independently to set up computers and install software at seven Family Support Centers in Seattle. My job involved training staff and clients in the use of multiple software packages primarily geared towards family learning activities and job training skills. I taught classes to children and adults in various computer skills. After graduating, I was employed with the city as a consultant which also involved troubleshooting and maintaining staff computers as well as public computers. I also equipped some of the centers with web pages and email accounts.
Natural Science Library/U.W. -- Graduate Reference Assistant Seattle, WA
I worked independently on nights and weekends at the Natural Sciences Library reference desk answering reference questions and instructing patrons how to use the library and local and Internet databases. I also designed and coded some of their web pages.
Freedom Forum News Library -- Temporary Associate Librarian Bucharest, Romania
I assisted in setting up and opening a news-oriented special library in Bucharest Romania. Prior to a local librarian being hired, I was responsible for unpacking, sorting, and shelving incoming books and serials. I also set up and created help sheets for the CD-ROM databases. Once the library opened, I worked answering reference questions and providing instruction on the computers, as well as defining the job description and initiating a search for a local librarian.
Center for Independent Journalism -- Internet Research Methods InstructorBucharest, Romania
I taught Internet research methods to local Romanian journalists and assisted in setting up a local Internet node. Since local Internet connections were erratic, I taught low-tech access methods such as using gopher, mailservers, archie and lynx as well as higher-tech methods such as Netscape and Mosaic.
Visual Education Corporation -- Software Reviewer Seattle, WA
Wrote software review articles for upcoming Wilson book reviewing reference works. I tested and evaluated Microsoft Encarta 1994, Microsoft Bookshelf 1994 and Grolier's Encyclopedia. Articles were written to rigid specifications and included explanation and analysis of each of the works' features including search engines, interface, user help and documentation.
Odegaard Undergraduate Library/U.W. -- Bibliographic Instructor Seattle, WA
As part of a bibliographic instruction class, I taught library labs for undergraduate students. These labs had five to twenty-five students at a time and included information on how to search for information using the on-line public access catalog, available databases and Internet resources. Some labs were linked to assignments in other classes and would be tailored to primarily cover specific resources. I also created and used handouts to better explain search techniques such as Boolean operators and search limiting.
Alki Magazine-- Columnist Seattle, WA
Wrote a student column for the Washington Library Association's magazine, Alki, in an attempt to forge a link between library students and library professionals in Washington state.
Princeton Review -- Instructor Seattle, WA
Instructed students in classes and individual tutoring on how to improve their scores on standardized tests. Classes taught included SAT, GRE, LSAT and TOEFL as well as vocabulary-building classes. Topics covered included algebra, geometry, reading comprehension, logical reasoning, grammar and memory techniques.

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