why I stick with eskimo.com ]

I've been with eskimo.com since 1996. They host one domain for me and I use them for my primary email access and shell account. I have probably referred fifteen people to eskimo over the years.

People ask me for advice in choosing an ISP and I often refer them to eskimo. I have been very satisfied with their prices and their service. This page sums up why they might be a good ISP for you.

best things

  • two week free trial, test it out
  • the owner's name is Bob and he is an active participant in keeping the ISP up and running. The computers are in his basement in Shoreline, Washington [actually colo'ed now I think] and if there is a major system outage, you can page him and he will get right on it. He has disassembled and reassembled every computer personally.
  • there is an outages mailing list which gives you in-depth info on what is happening or what happened in the event of a system outage or other problem that affects users
  • dialup number: 206-FOR-EVER, eskimo has been around since the BBS days [update: number may be going away but they now have an 800 number for long distance tech support]
  • domain hosting is cheap, includes shell access, and gets cheaper if you link to eskimo.com on your home page
  • unlimited throughput, within reason, for your domain
  • shell access is tougher and tougher to find lately, you can get shell without dial-up
  • by default all email sent to anyone@yourdomain goes to your inbox -- none of this eight addresses, or twenty addresses... it ALL goes to you
  • there is a user newsgroup called lobby where you can get lots of advice on technical issues from people who have been with eskimo a long time, there is a sense of community there
  • domains come with one week's worth of access to your raw log files so you can assemble statistics about your web site
  • they do not give refunds. you need to know this before you give them money. again, they do not give refunds
  • phone support is not 24/7. these people sleep. on the upside, you will get a person when you call, not an annoying system of voicemail menus
  • due to their relationships with dial-up vendors like Megapop, their dialup used to be quite erratic. I don't use them for dial-up anymore so YMMV.
  • their web site can be a bit tough to navigate and find things on. I like to think this keeps the riffraff out, but if you need something from it, it takes a while.
  • the tech support is very techie, so don't expect them to neccesarily be able to help you get your images to work on your web site or hold your hand as you take your iMac out of the box. You need to meet them halfway on troubleshooting your technical issues. On the other hand, if you need to figure out why your cron jobs stopped running, or help debugging your cgi script, they are often very helpful.

If you have any questions about eskimo, feel free to ask me.