[ all lawn couches must die ]
Help Us Put the Couches Out of Our Misery!
july 3-6 2003, west topsham vermont
The good news is we got a new couch. It's comfy, sports a hidden bed, and doesn't have worms [don't ask]. The bad news is that the old couch joins the even older couch and chair out on the lawn and now we have an image problem here...
So, we are having the traditional BBQ on the weekend of the 4th and have an added attraction: couch dismemberment! That's right, get out that pent-up aggression, mud season blahs, and general malaise with the deconstruction and eventual immolation of our old furniture.
Sissies can still help paint the barn. Or read, you know how these weekends go.
when: starting the evening of the 3rd, going til the 6th
what: BBQ and sleepover and general weekend party
who: you, your friends, family, aquaintances, hitchhikers, others
where: West Topsham Vermont, click directions for more info
how: come hell or high water, this house sleeps 10, more on the lawn if you bring a tent

Bring something for the grill and any extra alcohol you require. Extra blankets or sleeping bags can't hurt. Extra points for chainsaws and pinch bars. We'll provide condiments, side dishes, pump-priming beer, breakfast, coffee, board games, fresh water, four days of no-repeat MP3s and and 40 acres of approximately nothing.