link to it 04apr06: snow
I made an appointment to get my snow tires taken off the day before it started snowing. However, I am crafty, the appointment is for after it stops snowing. Smart, huh? It's been a pretty prosaic month so far. A shopping trip to the mall to replace our gross pillows. A new adult ed class for me, email, where I have four students including TWO great-grandmothers. Greg's been told he's getting a new bike for graduation and so the house is slowly filling with catalogs and scribbly notes about wheel sizes and phone numbers of bike shops. This weekend we are having friends over for a biggish dinner party and today it's snowing fit to beat the band. Ola's away for her annual three week trip to the West Coast so we're playing house in this big Victorian dollhouse and thinking about the post-law-school, post-Jessamyn's-job world with a mixture of trepidation and anticipation.
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