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back from boston Mar 28, 2006
Somehow we managed to have a successful trip to the big city and come back here to the Loveliest Place on Earth just in time for the weather to finally get right for sugaring (cold at night, warm in the daytime) which has cheered people up considerably.

My MBTA karma continues unabated. This time I arrived at South Station to find that they had switched over from T tokens to Charlie Cards and I had to exchange the former for the latter to get through the turnstile. There were some surly T employees to assist us with this problem, one of whom bitched me out directly. I spent all my tokens (I have extras at home and bring them with me when I go to Boston, I am a nerd) on passes only to find that no other T stop in the system that I used in my travels (Copley, Prudential, Davis, Downtown Crossing) would accept them. So they have two mutually exclusive systems in place at once and, like all true religions, each one is acting like they are the One True Payment Method. They offer this helpful chart. I was thinking bad thoughts about the T when we went in to go suit shopping with Greg and this is why it took us an hour and a half to get home. Apparently the MBTA has a Customer Bill of Rights [who knew?] so I'm asking for my $1.25 back, even though what I'd really like is that hour of my life back.

For me, it's so cool not having to drive anyplace that I'll take almost whatever the T can dish out. We went to Keezers and got Greg a really smart looking suit for less than $60, then we went to Filene's Basement where we rolled our eyes at bizarre Italian get-ups and found Greg another suit for slightly more money. I only wish we'd been better fed so we could have stayed longer and had more stamina. Now I am done with suit shopping, hopefully forever. Much thanks to my sister for coming along on this little three hour tour. We took her out to dinner for an early birthday celebration and between the four of us got six different kinds of meat from Blue Ribbon BBQ.

This all happened after the three days of library conferencing which I talked more about over on librarian.net. The high point -- besides getting to hang out with my friend Andrea and seeing other folks who I don't see often enough -- had to be seeing the senior editor from MAD Magazine talk about censorship, thus giving me an excuse to use swear words and this excellent picture.
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