birthday buffalo boy bar Apr 20, 2006
Happy birthday and happy new home, Pat!

Greg got back from Buffalo no worse for wear and had some grat pictures of him in his newish suit with his folks [mom, dad], neat happy pictures. We spent our brief morning together outside drinking coffee looking at all the birds flying around -- goldfinches, woodpeckers, juncos, grosbeaks, finches, titmice, nuthatches, ducks, starlings, doves, chickadees -- in a frenzy of ohmygoditsfreakingSPRING. It's bittersweet for Greg and I because he finishes up his last semester which means the last final, the end of school, the full-family-and-friend graduation and then eight weeks of full-time bar review studying where as near as I can tell he has to sit in a room and mostly watch video tapes for an obscene amount of money.

All of this, especially the bar review will take its toll. I have two colleagues from work whose wives took the bar and they both gave me advice "Move out of the house" So I'm taking advantage of the time off I have this week (yay school vacation) to try to spend some quality time with Greg as he ramps up to finals and bar prep. Then I'll move.
We've got a room for you.
20 April, 2006 14:06
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