bunnny, easter: poop Apr 16, 2006

Easter is not one of those holidays like Christmas which I sort of mind, just a little bit. Easter doesn't affect me too much one way or the other. It makes people dress nice, act happy and eat candy which seems okay. As I was driving today I even saw some kids on an Easter egg hunt on their front lawn, nice.

However, the fact that it's not a total holiday like Christmas means that places like here, with a lot of Easter-celebrators, things go a little flibberty-gibbet. Greg has been gone for a few days visiting his folks and I have been home doing my thing. I got up early today to try to get a dress to fit that I bought at the thrift store. It's a nice dress but it binds a bit in the chest area. Either this means that I am buxom (or fat) or the dress is too small (or fixable). I decided to see if I could remedy this with some sewing, remove a seam or two, add a little fabric. It was fun sitting around sewing, I haven't done it in a while. I stabbed myself under the thumbnail not once but twice -- a pain so shocking that I just sat up and opened my eyes wide "What the HELL?!" -- and this was where it started. The dress didn't fit, still, and putting it on made me feel so blobby and out of shape that I hurled myself poolwards.

I got dressed ate a quick breakfast and went to the pool only to find it closed. The schedule on the door said it was supposed to be open, but it wasn't. The pool is staffed by teenagers, sort of Lord of the Flies-ish, so sometimes they're late. We waited around a while, me and the other lady who was waiting, and then went home. I called, no answer. I checked their website, nothing. I checked the library's website. It said they were going to be open normal hours. I called security, they thought the pool was open.

I've said this before but one of the reasons I think I became a librarian is because I believe that facts can, for the most part, be known. I grew up in a family that told a lot of stories, really interesting stories, but at the end of the day I was always wondering "What really happened?" I can be a little overly literal, some people call it dense, but I believe there is a trueness to physical reality that can be ascertained. The intriguing part is figuring out what you need to do to find it out. So, you can imagine the combination of fun and frustration that faced me as I tried to figured out what the hell was up with the pool. I called all the numbers. I emailed people. I checked websites. I checked lists of holidays. I asked other people "Do you think a community college would be closed on Easter?" and the whole time I realized I had no idea if Easter was the sort of holiday that would close things down in a small town. I knew Greg was at his parents' house going to church in a suit and then having a meal with his family, but I didn't know how Joe Vermonter might spend the holiday. This was a fact that could not be known, amazingly.

End of the story. I called around 5 and the pool was open. When I asked when the opened the resident teenager said "Oh, we opened at 4 today. I guess we didnt' put up a sign" I got there and had the pool almost entirely to myself, a rare treat. I swam off my frustrations in a record-breaking (for me) 30 laps (5/6 of a mile, close, so close) and then left to go food shopping. When I got to the grocery store, it was also closed. They, it seems, had closed early.
That's so funny - the pool opening late, the grocery closing early! There were more places open here (southwest Michigan) yesterday than I expected, including the movie theater [we were 2 of the 8 people at the matinee of Thank you for smoking]. The academic library where I work p/t opened at 3PM instead of the usual 11AM. When in doubt, call first! xoxo
17 April, 2006 16:32
to this day, i still don't know if these things are true:

* dad had a gun when we were kids

* morris at one time dangled uncle peter out a third story window

* that the bat catcher was ever up in the silo at the exact same time the pigeon catcher was

i am sure there are more. but the gist is that, let's face it, reality in our family was always fluid at best.
17 April, 2006 17:53
the crazy thing is that I did call, a lot. When these places are closed they have answering machine messages that just read the hours at you. The hours said they opened at 1. What could I do?
19 April, 2006 10:55
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