I love big blogger Apr 6, 2006

I've changed some things around here, though the changes are minimal. I'm using Blogger to add and update entries. This means it's easier for me to update this site from anyplace. It also means I can have comments and an RSS feed that updates itself and doesn't require painstaking re-coding and re-uploading by me. You can see a before and after set on Flickr if you're curious what's really changed. I'll add redirects to the RSS feed but if you are still doing this by hand, the new feed is at http://jessamyn.com/journal/atom.xml.

We've had a busy week this week, lots of classes, computers and car maintenance. You can read Greg's story of swapping MP3s for syrup in lieu of more how-it's-going news from me. If anything is desparately broken, please drop me an email or leave a comment. It may be bumpy until Monday.
06 April, 2006 11:03
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01 November, 2006 23:41
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