prosocial Apr 12, 2006
This has been a week without a weekend, but with a lot of meals. Not that we didn't enjoy the company on Saturday, but the day after the dinner party we were fixing sinks and heading over to a student's house for DSL and dinner. I had made the offhanded remark that I'd install her DSL if she made dinner, and Sunday happened to be the perfect day. So, we made a big meal one night, and ate a big meal the next night, at someone else's house.

Then, on Monday a librarian bought me lunch as part of my helping her with her library computers, and today my boss bought me lunch because she knows how little I get paid and I think she likes to have someone to have lunch with. Tonight the free meal was the open house at the Randolph Technical Career Center. It was sort of neat to have a ready-made name tag because hey, I work there. Greg met me there and we wandered from classroom to classroom seeing all the kids' projects and sampling the snacks in every room. The Culinary Arts kids can really cook up a storm, and I was there to help the guidance counselor get the newsletter on the website just in the nick of time before everything got going. I can remember going to this same event last year before I was really working at the school and thinking that it seemed like a ncie place to work and my opinion on that hasn't changed.
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