What is that high-pitched whining? Apr 27, 2006
I tend not to post when things are going poorly and while last week wasn't exactly poor, it wasn't great either. For reasons unknown I've been having tooth pain in some of the same usual suspect teeth. I dislike the dentist, but mostly I dislike having to call dentist after dentist seeing if there is anyone who will see a new patient, one that probably should have called earlier, but didn't. Big thanks go to Dr. Yoshikawa in Randolph and Dr. Endodontist-with-the-smooth-voice for taking a looksee. Of course the verdict was either "We don't know" or "You grind your teeth" allowing me to explain here that unknown etiology is often a good thing because it means that most of the normal things (failed root canal, cavity, popcorn kernel) have been ruled out. I am doing well on ibuprofen. I think one of the big terrors for me was going to another state only to have a dental crisis.

So, by the way, I'm in Houston, Texas, preparing to give a talk about progressive librarianship tomorrow. I swam in the 24th floor pool which was sort of excellent except that it was way too chloriney (I assume this is because it's attached to the hot tub and who knows what goes on in there) and it was connected to the restaurant/bar which meant that as I crawled and backstroked, lots of library vendors were walking through chuckling with their margaritas. I left the pool feeling better than I came, so that's a win.

Apparently TLA -- which I have always thought stood for True Love Always -- is the second largest library conference in the country, second only to ALA. I hope the talk goes well. I have to admit being a little surprised when they asked me to come talk about progressive librarianship in Texas, but I guess this is as good place as any to start.
Ouch! I hope your teeth feel better! I grind my teeth at night too and spent a ton of money on a bite plate that hurt my jaw and kept me from sleeping. Stress and alcohol make me grind my teeth worse, once to the point where I couldn't put my teeth to food for days. I also locked up my jaw once from grinding which was tremendously painful to "unlock". Since marrying Adam, it hasn't been as bad (less stress maybe?) but I never found a really good solution for it.

Have fun at TLA! I'm very jealous; it sounds like a terrific conference!
28 April, 2006 09:33
hmm, everytime I see "TLA" I think "three-letter acronym"! Sorry about the tooth, glad to hear the drugs are helping :)
28 April, 2006 20:37
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