Happy Mother's Day, Jess & Kate May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day, Jess & Kate
this is Muffet's picture.
I slept in on Mother's Day and woke up to find that my mom had posted a picture of me from 1971. That's me sitting down and my sister Kate in the baby carrier. We're sitting in the kitchen of the house that my mom still lives in. The blur in the lower righthand corner is our old cat, Betty Duck, who was a kitten for a very short amount of time, so it's neat to see him show up so small and cutelike.

Kate and I have gotten bigger and moved away, the cat passed on some time ago, and the kitchen has been totally redone but my mom stil sits around that table and I think at least one of those chairs survives. Even when all the individual parts have been altered or replaced, I can still look at a picture of this and think, as my mom tagged it, "home."
ALL the chairs survive, happily.
15 May, 2006 06:52
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