power May 8, 2006
The power went out last night during the last five minutes of The West Wing, which we now watch instead of the Simpsons because the show is in some sort of "wrapping up" phase. When the power goes out here it gets dark. Ola went to bed. Greg and I lit some candles and sat around for a bit talking in the dark about this and that and then we went to bed before 11. Since I grew up in a house with an electric water pump, I had actually never considered that living in a place with town/city water might mean that the water still ran into the house when the power was out. Since Greg had mostly not lived anyplace without city water, it had never occurred to him that the water might NOT run during a power outage. I made him an expensive bet (which I lost, happily) and thus the only anxiety from the power failure was wondering if the light in our bedroom was in the on or off position when we last saw it. It's a pullchain. It's hard to tell. The answer was off. The power came on this morning about 5 according to Ola. Not even enough time to start having to eat all the ice cream.
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