oh baby Jul 20, 2006
Last night there was a baby skunk trapped on my porch and I have a half-assed blurry picture to prove it.

Yesterday I went to do my normal swimming routine. Changed in an empty locker room, went to my usual lane and started doing laps. After about five or ten minutes, I noticed that the pool had filled up with maybe 30-40 young cheerleaders in bikinis who were splashing around and giggling and doing splits off of the diving board. Apparently there is a cheerleading camp at the school I swim at. The pool water got pretty choppy and the water itself started to taste vaguely sweaty. The two male lifeguards just sat there staring as if they'd been hit with bricks. I finished up my laps, but the whole time I was thinking "Someone else's fantasy has clearly gotten crossed with mine." I'll let you know if mine gets delivered anytime soon.
There are several hundred high-school cheerleaders on my campus (UW-Milwaukee) this week for some training camp or other. I'm a hopelessly hetero male, but upon observation I can't say that I find these particular young ladies all that hawwwtttt. I think it's one of those Hollywood things, the idea that all cheerleaders are mega-babes.
20 July, 2006 16:33
You tell a story like that, and then give us a half-assed blurry picture of the baby skunk?
21 July, 2006 03:54
That sounds like my nighmare - the cheerleaders, not the skunk.
25 July, 2006 23:19
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