summertime weekender + pig Jul 23, 2006

It felt like a long weekend. For me many weekends are long weekends since I work when I want to most of the time. In any case, I finished that article I mentioned last week on Friday at 4 (I know I know). Friday at six-ish my sister Kate showed up and we did a mess of stuff.

  • Went over to Hannah's mom's place and had some excellent food. We were much happier than we looked in this picture.
  • Went to see Superman at our local drive-in. While the drive-in was mostly great -- we had some bug issues, and some window fogging issues -- the movie was mostly awful. We did not stay for Lake House, I just don't have the stomach for romances lately.
  • Went to Topsham. Topsham has been my albatross lately. I haven't been there since Greg and I went last year when it seemed okay. Since then I've gotten the roof fixed, the plumbing replaced and the barn stabilized. I think. I really just worked with contractors and sent them money and trusted that they had fixed the things they said they had. And I fretted, a lot, about this. So Kate offered to help me go up there and see if it was really that bad. And it wasn't. The house had mice but we cleaned them up. It was dusty but we swept. It was a little mildewy, but it wasn't wet. The lawn, such as it was, is now five feet of meadow. It's pretty impressive to see five feet of meadow. Maybe I'll go back next weekend. It sure is nice there. I brought home some stuff I hadn't seen in years: mud boots, stereo receiver, misc junk.
  • Checked out the new Mexican place in Randolph. It was solidly okay, not better, not worse.
  • Went over to Rick and Sarah's to check on the place, play video games, watch movies and hang out someplace a little quieter. Between the neighbor's pool, the neighbor's barking dog in a cage, the neighbor's radio playing constant NASCAR and Ola's housecleaning, I've felt a little frazzled.
  • Went out to another great breakfast at Patrick's Place in Randolph. I had peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast from which I am just now recovering.
  • Opened up the wishing pig.
  • Moved some of the extra computers up into the attic. Anyone need an iMac running OSX? Contact me. Greg took his computer when he left and I think he has one more here. All the other frankencomputers are mine to keep.

Kate got in her car and started the drive home (after we replaced a winshield wiper and cleaned out the back seat) and I'm on my way out to have some dinner with my friend Jim and his partner Sarah. Now that I know Topsham is at least mostly intact I've been sleeping even more like a baby than usual. I'm headed to DC the weekend after next to talk to archivists about blogs, anyone there who wants to hang out, please get in touch.
Common Ground Collective in New Orleans takes iMacs. Their website is down at the moment (Drupal problem, looks like), but check it out when it's back up.
24 July, 2006 07:32
Did you find someone for your iMac yet? The New Orleans cause sounds extraordinarily worthy, but if you're still looking, I'd appreciate details!!


25 July, 2006 21:28
You are not the first person to say Superman is not good. I was going to see it at the IMAX, but I guess I will wait until it is on DVD.
27 July, 2006 00:22
if the imac still needs a home, my brother would weep tears of joy at the sight of it...

i dont think ive ever been to a drive-in... people say theyre great and then whine about mosquitos when they get back from one... besides, im afraid of superman, and romantic movies are overrated...
06 August, 2006 10:16
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