incoming and outgoing Aug 27, 2006

I was talking to a good friend on the phone yesterday and she said "So what are you doing this weekend?" and I said "Absolutely nothing." which is basically true and yet not like it sounds, or I am kidding myself. I have been gone two out of the last three weekends and the one I was home for began Friday night at 1 am when I got back from Baltimore. So, where most people have weekends that sort of represent "Hey you're not working, go do stuff!" I have weekend that say "Hey you're home, get organized, do laundry and get ready to leave again!" I leave again on Thursday to spend Labor Day weekend in Kittery/Portsmouth.

When someone asks what you're doing over the weekend, answers like "go to the post office" and "cook dinner" and "write thank you notes" don't seem like answers. I typed up a bunch of nice thank you notes, wrapped up a wedding gift, and signed a ton of legal documents for a MetaFilter Project and went to the post office where I had two T tokens, an envelope full of clippings from my favorite correspondent and a package from Mom. As I left, the lady at the PO said "Happy birthday!" and I realized she'd read it off the package. Don't even try to keep secrets in this town. I've been trying to give the new roommate some townish advice like that. He's from Queens and the fact that we don't have house keys was a little surprising to him. I'm sure it will only get worse.
I live in Portsmouth/Kittery - if you are looking for things to do, need a break from whatever, or my specialty, food recommendations - scrappylibrarian [at] gmail
28 August, 2006 17:48
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