lightning, lightening Aug 1, 2006

I woke up yesterday morning because the lightning from the storm outside was getting under my eyelids. Then I got up and realized that the dog was also freaking out so we hung out and listened to some loud music that drowned out the thunderstorm. I like extreme weather but there is something about the relentless heat of the Summer that makes me worry in an "Is this just going to get worse forever?" sort of way.

I had a busy weekend and am getting ready for a really busy next week in DC. This weekend was the drive-in, Barre Homecoming Days and a quickie trip to Ferrisburg Vermont where I hung out with some adorable kids and also knocked a few more towns off of my 251 list. I even went on a teeny hike. The 251 Club is a project I expect to get into in earnest as fall rolls around. With 75% of the towns in Vermont at least visited by me, I'm starting to notice that the ones I have left to see are pretty spread out.

I can't bear sitting near this little oven of a laptop for another second so I'll leave the rest of the abada abada til later.
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