who cooks for you? Sep 12, 2006
I'm spending a few days at a friend's place where it's quiet as heck at night and empty as heck during the day. Spent some time unsuccessfully trying to get StarBand installed and now I'm coming to you with the slow smooth sounds of dial-up. I don't have much to say anyhow.

As I was driving up here -- a four mile dirt road culminating in a short, steep, rocky driveway -- I slammed on the brakes hard. I had thought that the light I was seeing through the trees was a car on a collision path with me at the upcoming intersection. As I sat there, in my idling car, on a deserted road, at 9 pm last night, I realized it was just the moon, the brightest thing around.
moons are cool.
13 September, 2006 09:35
Aloha. No comment about food, but I just wanted to let you know that some of us in Hawaii are looking forward to your visit.

Mahalo (=Thanks)
16 September, 2006 16:36
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