again with the boats Oct 11, 2006

If anyone knows a way to make Vox and Blogger cross-post to each other, please let me know. I'm partial to Blogger's "insert your posts right into your own website" feature, but I have a bunch of friends who live solidly in the Vox universe. In any case...

I've been having those water dreams again which are totally typical of me at times when my life is all over the place. Usually they're about boating disasters, or unusal restrooms. In this case, I was on a big ship which was at sea and rocking back and forth. At one point, the ship rocked back and did not go forth but kept going and was clearly turning over. I walked out of the boat as it sank by doing one of those Fred Astaire walk-on-ceiling things and wound up on a desert island. The setting was like the teevee show LOST with a bunch of stranded people standing around zombielike, staring at the ocean, tending to wounds, etc. I walked around saying hello to people saying "Hi, I'm Jessamyn, I'm the self-absorbed character." I think this may have to do with the fact that I just finished reading The Outlaw Sea: A World of Freedom, Chaos, and Crime which has a similar boat wreck in it.

In any case, things are looking a little more even keel around here. My Mom went to the oncologist who said "there was no follow-up needed for the lung cancer... [a]lthough it could recur, or another type might form, for now, I'm done with that as far as she's concerned." This is a huge relief and a really big deal. I'd like to say I'm now going to sleep for a week, but some victories still evade me.
My dreams last night were rather odd. First dream, I was helping somebody move to a new house and I carried a weed whacker, a potted plant, and one and a half beagles. The half beagle was the back half of the dog and it was very much alive, just no head or front legs. Second dream was that the lake was flooding at a massive level, so my friend and I climbed to the second story of some lakeside dormitory and broke into a random kids' room. We watched the water come to the halfway point on that second floor window, then just subside. I have a memory of playing Nintendo while it happened.

Strange dreams are a way of life for strange people.

13 October, 2006 03:41
Hurray for your mother being dismissed by the oncologist!
13 October, 2006 12:07
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