leaf apocalypse Oct 5, 2006
I left my camera at my Mom's house. It's okay, I have a backup camera. I've been walking around, as I do in early October here thinking "My gosh it's the loveliest place in the entire world. One of these days I should take a few pictures of this lovliness. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time...." and then it happens. It goes like this every year.

The sky clouds over. A few little drops fall. People head inside for warm cider and pumpkin whatever. I went to get drinks with a friend a bit of a drive away. When I got on the road to go home there was a howling maelstrom of leaf-pummeling wind and rain. The roads were slick with water and leaves. Headlights shone on tall curtains of undulating mist and spray. As I got closer to home, driving on smaller roads, the streets were yellow and orange with leaves and even branches.

I got up this morning and it's still lovely outside, with a lot of color, but there are also a lot of bare branches. You can notice that the foliage hues are starting to wane instead of emerge. Up until yesterday, Autumn was a "you just wait..." promise. This morning it's giving a "get the soup on" wave as it heads for the door. I don't have my camera with me, but I hope this gives you a picture.
i know! it was brilliant blue & blustery this morning as i walked to work & all the way i'm walking stunned by the quiet soft explosions of colors in the trees thinking "when did all THIS happen?"

and yah, it really is one of those moments in the year-round when i think how lucky i am to live in the northeast - no place like it
05 October, 2006 15:49
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07 October, 2006 04:36
that does paint a good picture with words! i've only seen the eastern autumn once, and imagine it's a vivid change when those leaves finally fall. count yourself lucky! here in dublin it's already winter (aka: the *dark* rainy season)! ;)
07 October, 2006 04:37
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