unbusy Oct 18, 2006
I have a few friends who write these busyblogs where they tell you how busy they are all the time and how little time they have for anything else. I have been scooting around some lately, but I do not want this to become a busyblog, so I'll tell you about all the busy I am not.

I spent an afternoon walking around with my friend Lauren. Lauren is busy but because she doesn't also maintain a blog about it, she has some time to go walking. I took some pictures -- especially of no trespassing signs for some reason -- and put them up here: 12 signs + 10 others = autumn walk in vermont.

I watched thirty movies. Now, many of them were short, but this is still somewhat a test of endurance as well as a great way to see some interesting films. The VT International Film Festival was this past weekend and I had a good time there. However the "what I saw" web page will have to wait some more.

I had meals with friends. Now that I'm finally coming out of my "parents with possibly serious health problems" cocoon, I've been trying to be more social. I had dinner with Ola and her son, his fiancee and his fiancee's daughter. I had lunch with Greg -- we're getting along pretty well, which pleases me. I had dinner with Dave and Linda, good family friends. I had lunch with Lauren. I had dinner with Ken and Travis, friends of friends who recently moved to Vermont and came down to Burlington to see some movies with me.

I sent mail and got mail. Postcards from Finn and Judith and more stuff from Sandy Berman. Maple syrup powder to Dobbs and my old ibook battery to Apple. A book to Linda. A check to the postmaster. Paychecks to my bank.

I cashed out the change jar which was the last nebulous financial entanglement that G. and I had. He had forgotten about it; I had not. Probably best that way, he got a cool $40 that he wasn't expecting and I got to get it off my plate and feel maybe a little generous. While I was at the bank, I closed my account up. It was a secondary account that I had so that I could pay contractors with local checks instead of online checks that would take a few days to arrive and a few days to clear, from my main bank back in Washington. Ever since the credit union went to video tellers where you watch a woman on a tv screen even though she's right behind a wall, and more tv screens that show you the news and the stock reports while you wait to use a video teller, I've had very little use for them. I was hoping they'd ask me why I was closing my account but they never did.

I got published in Library Journal. Feel free to go read my article MetaFilter: Going Your Way about my online librarian-type job.

And, I also did a little work. You can read about it on librarian.net: two "day in the life" anecdotes. Things I haven't been doing include smoking, swimming (pool has been closed for a few weeks), sleeping (improving in that area though far from fixed) and roaming. I've been in the state for a week solid, feels almost odd.

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