advocacy and insulation Nov 29, 2006
It seems like I've spent all week with people from MetaFilter, but really the people who are part of my real life here also seem to be part of MetaFilter. The weather stripping and insulating plan is going great except that it was 65 degrees today which made me feel a little silly unscrewing all the outlet covers to put little draft-pluggers in there.

Also, I swam a mile today which is today's "make this day RULE" item. I usally swim a minimum of a half mile whenever I get in the pool and usually swim a little bit more. I'm up over two miles a week any week I'm home for more than four days. However, the pool has been flakey since I got back. Today was a perfect storm combination of good temperature, good breakfast, good sleep and good space [i.e. mostly empty pool] so I kept going past my previous best of 32 laps all the way to 36, a solid mile. It took almost an hour. Then I went home and pretty much died and I'm still staggering around a bit but at least I'm not thinking "almost there..."

Yesterday's Column A event was serving on the Advocacy Committee of the Vermont Library Association. You can read more about it over on but we're working to ask the state of Vermont for 1.6 million dollars for Vermont's libraries. Vermont currently does not fund its libraries at a state level. This is a big deal, and one of the more challenging things I've worked on this year.

I've been moving some furniture around the house, mostly swapping hutches and decluttering some of the spaces I move around in at the expense of some of the spaces I barely use. I unpacked my bag for what I think will be the last time in 2006 and finally got rid of the spare toothbrush in my laptop bag. I feel like I've finally got to the end of a really long stretch of waiting. Not that there aren't other things to anticipate and get excited about and work on generally, but there's a lot of spare time around for contemplating, reading and reflecting as well. Here's the article about Ola that was in the local paper. I sure hope she's having a good time.

Hah! You said 'I unpacked my bag for what I think will be the last time in 2007' -- not yet, Jessamyn! You're really ahead of yourself.
30 November, 2006 15:25
good point, I fixed that!
06 December, 2006 20:44
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