Column A Christmas Nov 27, 2006
I am serious about this. This is what I did today. I gave myself a ton of weather stripping, window plastic, outlet and switch covers, and a cover for the fan in the kitchen. I spent a leisurely evening putting tape around every window in the place. I am not joking. Ola is a wonderful woman, granted, but she would always insist that it was more important that things look good than that they work well. So, we have cupboards over heating registers and drafy windows without curtains. I do not care if this place looks like girl-in-a-plastic-bubble-land this winter, it will not be freezing.

Hoorah for plastic!

When you do it right, it really doesnt look that bad. You can't see in those windows from the road anyways. Anyone who is inside will know the Vermont tradition!
29 November, 2006 00:33
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