it's a wrap Nov 16, 2006

I gave a talk on blogs and blogging today which I think is my last talk in 2006. I'd tell you how many talks that makes for 2006, but my website is down, which I'd sarcastically say is perfect timing but it was up during my talk which was most important. I'm in Lansing Michigan, South Lansing actually. I was in a funk yesterday due to a bad combination of missing luggage, missing dinner and missing home. The dinner got straightened out after a freaky late night walk under the overpass, the luggage arrived this morning before my talk and home is just a plane ride and a bus ride and a car ride away.

I spent some time in the totally unpopulated sauna/whirlpool this evening and feel scads better. Between that and the restaurant/tuba museum, Lansing is okay by me. I'll be heading down to see family for Thanksgiving and not at all sure what Christmas is looking like though I'll probably do somethign with Kate maybe, if I'm lucky, in Bethel. Anyone who is adrift for the holiday season, please consider a visit.

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You gave a great talk! Very informative, and never a dull moment. Thanks for coming to Michigan.
16 November, 2006 10:54
i was the one who threw up the devil horns when it was mentioned in your introduction that you used pine. :P
18 November, 2006 18:27
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