portland and points west Nov 2, 2006
So Portland was really something. A very nice trip all around. I got to spend time with three friends I don't see enough of: Lisa Degrace my pal from Hampshire, and Sara and Steve my friends from the library and PacNW world. The conference center was out in Corbett Oregon at a place called Menucha, a Presbyterian retreat center. It was a quickie 24 hour conference at one of those great rustic places with an incredible view, but I was torn because it was also chock full of smartie tech-savvy librarians who were fun to talk to and even more fun to play speed Scrabble with. If I ever consider a career change, I hope there is room for me in the world of academic librarianship. It seems fun there.

Once I got back to Portland I hung out with my friends (and their friends including one of my fave comic artists Sean Bieri), went to the Stumptown Comics Fest, ate Real Mexican Food, got the aforementioned haircut and went to a MetaFilter meetup. There I caught up with my friend and boss Matt Haughey and retreated to his spacious abode in McMinnville where we had Real Thai Food and hung out with his wife Kay and daughter Fiona. Then it was back to the airport and back home. All in all I guess it was five days but a lot of that was in the air.

I got home to a house without an extra roommate (long story which I may share later, suffice to say that it wasn't working out for anyone) and so I slept in my own quiet house for the first time in six weeks. I like it here, and I have mixed feelings about Ola leaving which she'll do soon after I get back from my next trip which starts tomorrow. I'm happy she's going to hang out with her family and then join the Peace Corps, but it's fun having someone here with a smart mouth and a quirky sense of humor. On the other hand, no more roommates waking up at 5 am will feel good for at least a little while. I now have at least one guestroom, soon to be two, so if you've been putting off a visit to the bucolic wonderland that is Vermont (quick before it freezes solid for three months) drop me a note, and come prepared to haul some firewood.

I'll be gone for two weeks in this latest round of library talks. If you're in or near The Dells, WI, Los Angeles, Waikiki, San Francisco or Lansing Michigan feel free to drop a note and maybe we can get a beer or coffee. Otherwise, you'll always know where to find me.

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