december kinda crazy Dec 12, 2006
I just installed wireless in the Tunbridge Public Library today and am quite pleased with myself.

For readers of this who are friends with Greg, he had a bad bike accident last week (just him, no cars involved) and cracked his hip/femur. I found out through a pretty roundabout way involving someone from work posting something to a VLS mailing list that a friend of Greg's read and emailed me. I called parents, called the hospital where he was having surgery, and raced up there just to make sure he wouldn't be alone. The good news was, he wasn't. We've been keeping in pretty cordial but not super-close touch and he has a great network of friends up in Montpelier who were already there and on top of things. I've stepped back into the background again, but people should contact him directly to send well-wishes, offers of support or whatever. His family was up this weekend but he's going to be hobbling around for a while now. There's an "end of an era" feeling to this whole incident, but not really in a bad way.

Ask Metafilter has been getting some more press especially in the wake of Google Answers folding. If you're somewhat curious or you don't understand why I talk about the place so much, you might want to read what NPR, the Chicago Tribune or Anil Dash (the evangelist at Six Apart) has to say about the place. I know they're all "Blah blah blah Matt Haughey" but I help run the place. Another media mention is me talking about Wikipedia in our local paper Seven Days.

I've really felt like being able to hang out at home and focus has been great these last few weeks. Even the ramping up of the holiday season has been pretty much a non-event for me. Kate's coming up for the weekend before Christmas and I think I'll be making some soup. I can't say I've terribly missed the bazillion santas that are usually around here, and the creche didn't make an appearance on the town common this year. I swam 3.5 miles in the past seven days that ended yesterday which is a new high for me. I'm hoping to end the year on an up note and it's looking good so far.

Hey, despite the title of my post, I hope I came across clear that I think a huge part of the reason AskMe works is because of your efforts. Sorry if it seemed like I was underplaying that.
13 December, 2006 00:46
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