My Year in Cities and Towns, 2006 Dec 26, 2006
I can not tell a lie, when I did my last year in cities I thought "Eh, I can top that." I don't think I'd like to recreate the frenetic craziness that seemed to buzz around a lot of these trips, but they sure were fun. 2006 saw me get to my last US state and flesh out my list of states I've given library talks in. I slept away from home on 52 occasions, sometimes for a few days in a row. I have pictures of all the beds but one. Here is the list. Stars indicate multiple visits to the same place. Numbers indicate number of distinct guestrooms at each location. Idea from Matt, who got it from Jason who apparently has visited the town next to mine, recently. I expect to see him at the Sugar House one of these days.

Bethel, VT (aka home)
Pelham, AL
Montgomery, AL
San Antonio, TX (3)
Somerville, MA *
Houston, TX (2)
Tunbridge, VT
Chappaqua, NY
Columbus, OH
Westport, MA *
San Francisco, CA * (2)
Warren, NH
New Orleans, LA (3)
Amherst, MA
Brooklyn, NY
Ferrisburg, VT
Washington DC
Baltimore, MD
Jamaica Plain, MA
Chicago, IL
Kittery, ME
Fargo, ND
Boxborough, MA *
Bridgeport, CT
Braintree, VT *
Burlington, VT * (2)
Barre, VT
Portland, OR
Corbett, OR
McMinnville, OR
The Dells, WI
Madison, WI
Los Angeles, CA
Waikiki, HI
South Lansing, MI

Quite an impressive list! When are we going to get you in Davis, CA? Surely this is an abada abada kind of town. ;) Happy Holidays! And congrats on hitting the 10-year mark on this bloggity stuff...that's even more impressive than your cities list!
27 December, 2006 08:03
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