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Welcome Valley News readers! I saw the article online from my friends’ house in San Francisco. I’ve been here since Thursday morning. I just came out for a quickie meeting with some folks from the Internet Archive and I’ll be home on Monday morning. If anyone’s curious, I really don’t have a “friends only” LiveJournal, so please don’t feel like there is some secret blog you don’t know about. I haven’t seen the pictures yet, if anyone wants to send me copies of them, I’d love to see them. More trip reports once I get back.

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What do you think?


  1. Were you pleased generally with the article?

    It seems so well researched that I had the impression that he was already a regular reader of your blog. Or had spent hours pouring over it.

    Something that fascinated me is that although there is mention of an interview with you – most of the content and the “truth” about you and your life seems to come from the picture you’ve painted in your blog.

    This suggested two trends to me:

    1) Bloggers begin to control the mainstream media portrayal of what they blog about – a very extreme evolution of the press release. Instead of just reprinting a press release, as often used to happen, reporters begin sewing together pieces of a blog for news articles.

    2)Maybe – and I saw no evidence of it in the article about you – news media will begin “catch out the blogger” pieces, where they trawl through blog posts like Ales Hanson did – but then do more research on the bloggers’ life and reveal the bits that the blogger chooses not to show in some puff of scandal. “Scoble was in Chicago for a week back in 2001 and he didn’t mention it” Shock horror!

  2. The article is great and so are the pictures. One of you sitting on the bathtub and the other smaller one of you looking out a window. Need I say you looked good in both!

  3. Oh yeah, the article was great. I love the Valley News generally and it was fun to talk to Alex and hang out with him and Channing, the photographer. We did cover a lot of the territory my blog goes over, so in many cases, I’m not sure if what Alex wrote was from my blog or from us talking.

  4. I saw the Valley News article and thought I’d stop by and say hi to another Upper Valley-ite.

    As a novice blogger, I’m sure I can learn a lot from a pro like you.

    Thanks for the blog!