What do you think?



  1. Now that’s my kind of blog post!

    Hearting print culture and typewriters, Jenna

  2. Awesome. Did someone send that to you or did you actually bust out a typewriter to make it?

  3. You know I have a typewriter that I actually have on my desk, right?

    what the librarian does on Friday night

  4. Excellent April Fool gag – subtle, amusing, hurts no one. Hooray and welcome back!

  5. this made me laugh pretty hard when i saw it on flickr today

  6. Just saying hi to another Jessamyn. Since, as a joke, I typed in http://www.Jessamyn.com, thinking I’d get a 404 or some other crap, because I don’t know anyone else but the author I was named after that has my name, but lo and behold, there is someone else. Have fun! Jessamyn Cooper

  7. that’s beautiful. I particularly like the “aging” done to the page.