the newest of years

an image of paerwhites that I got which bloomed one poozly bloom and keeled over

underwhelming paperwhites

I came home from the annual New Year’s Eve Party with a sore throat and it’s now the 4th and I’ve been dressed for about four hours of 2018. On the mend though, today I am just pretending it’s a snow day even though the weather has been fine. No bomb cyclone here. Working on my end-of-the-year lists.

I got a physical which says that, despite my high level of health anxieties, I am fine. Cholesterol is a little high. Mammograms always require an alarming do-over before getting the all-clear. I’ve got some grief weight to lose. The weird shoulder pain I’ve been having went away entirely when I quit sitting at my desktop computer all day.

I’m going to put my new calendar up today (I get them from NeuYear and they are quite good) and that will probably be it. Everything I thought was going to be a hassle about the holiday season in this Complicated Year really was not. I often feel like I’m coasting when things mostly work, like somehow I’m not working hard enough at being alive, that there’s some harder work I should be doing. This year, I’m just trying to take it as it comes to me, if at all possible. I’m dialing back on my travel (only going to Toronto and Hawaii this year as far as airplanes go) and ramping up on my back-burnered projects. Every year I pick a word or two to be my little re-centering mantra a quickie reminder of the things I want, or that I want to work for. The past few years have been FREEDOM, ANTI-RACIST, LET THIS DAY BE GOOD. This year I’m working from a few angles. My word is WAY, for three reasons

  • Get out of my own WAY. (i.e. take myself out of spaces where I don’t need to be, stop tossing up obstacles to things I want)
  • Find a WAY. (work on goals not problems, I’m a constant problematizer which is great for troubleshooting, less great for life)
  • Give things aWAY. (self-explanatory, I am starting with this little stack of old iPhones I have)

Simple. Three letters. Attainable by me. Best wishes for whatever you’re trying to get out of this year, may it be easier for us than last year was.

What do you think?


  1. Here in Nebraska we don’t have “bomb cyclones”. We just have blizzards, but I guess that just old-fashioned isn’t it?

    Don’t worry about having slightly high cholesterol. Our bodies need cholesterol to function properly, especially the brain. Studies are finding that the statin drugs can actually contribute to memory loss, dementia & Alzheimers. No thanks, I’ll just keep my cholesterol as it is.

    I think your paperwhites needed some sticks poked into the pot to support them. Or else maybe the winter weather just got them down.

    It’s been so cold here that I’ve pretty much been hibernating. I have gotten dressed, but that’s about it. :) Been to the store and library a couple times and the post office once since before Christmas. It’s nice to have a hubby who thinks he has to go out to get the mail no matter how cold or nasty the weather may be. Too bad there’s rarely anything interesting in the mail box.

  2. Hey Jessamyn,
    That makes sense I think That I will try to follow suit.
    Its time for me to part with some bits and pieces from my Museum Collection.
    Regards to Kate (the Gal that got Sunburnt) whilst walking in KingPark ,Perth Western Australia all those years ago.Of cousre you had to pick March to visit usually our hottest month.How things have changed in this city since you visited.
    Best Wishes to you all,