Lake Champlain! And more silly non-resolutions.

Wesabe is probably out because you need to upload your bank statements and you can’t add money entries on your own. I don’t have an issue with uploading the statements. The only thing you can do for cash withdrawals is split the money up using tags, so you withdraw $100 and add tags for $20 dinner, $12 beer, whatever. My money world doesn’t really work like this — I’ll take out $200 at the beginning of the month and spend it over a few weeks, I rarely write checks or use the credit card except for work stuff — so I may try something like foonance which is just a basic register with tagging. I just need a fancy spreadsheet, or maybe just a fancy piece of paper. It’s the end of the second day of this year and my expenses are still zero. My income these two days is also zero.

Speaking of spreadsheets, Kelly pointed me towards the United States Masters Swimming Virtual Swim Series. You can pick a route you’d like to take, like the length of Lake Champlain (pdf), for example, and download a spreadsheet with all the formulas filled in. All you do is type in what you’ve swum and it will tell you how much more you have to meet your goal. They even give you a little map of the lake with five mile increments that you can color in! Swimming 120 miles in 2007 would be 50% more than last year, so I don’t know if I’m up to it, but it sure is fun to have a dorky arts and crafts project to go along with it. I have 99.29% left after swimming today.

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