I took one of those Myers-Briggs tests with a bunch of friends the other day and I scored an I for the first time ever. For those of you not obsessive about personality tests, I stands for introvert, E for extrovert. I’ve been an ENTJ pretty much forever, though I’m pretty on the fence in the T/F [thinking/feeling] arena. Here’s some more general information on the different personality types. Before Greg started law school, the school gave him a test to take (I thought it was super-invasive, he took it in stride) and if I recall correctly he was an ISTP which was the opposite of every trait of mine. So, I. I assume the skew was mostly because I’d just gotten back from the “people in my every waking and sleeping moment” trip to SFO and I was more heavily in battery recharge mode than usual, but I spent a little bit of time thinking about what I’d do if I were really getting introverted?

I definitely spend more time alone lately, and enjoy it. I spend more one-on-one time with friends than I do in large groups. Swimming is pretty solitary and we all know how much I love swimming. I haven’t given a public talk in three months now though I have probably ten lined up over the next eight months. I’m not too concerned, but it was just a “huh, howabout that?” moment.

The last week or so has been about Facebook. I’m on Facebook, this social networking site that’s mostly for students and recent college grads. A lot of librarians use it. It’s reached some sort of critical mass as far as “old people” using it too. I’ve been using it to swap “how’s it going” email with my first college boyfriend and point him towards other mutual friends from college. Another friend of mine from college found me on Facebook and called to tell me he’s joining the circus in Japan… like tomorrow. On Facebook I also have a 21 year old “boyfriend” named Hugo. I am too old to understand what this means, really. This is just to say, if you’re on Facebook, track me down, especially if you are a fellow old person and extra especially if we are friends and not just “friends,” though “friends” are okay too. Check me out, introvert.

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What do you think?


  1. Hello from an ENFJ!

    Another personality typing system (actually it’s more than that) is the Enneagram, which tends to focus more on WHY you do the things you do, rather than HOW you do them. The book I recommend is called The Wisdom Of The Ennegram, by Riso and Hudson.

  2. I’ve become much more confortable with the idea that I am an introvert (though I’ve never taken a test to find this out), when given this overly simplified definition: An introvert is someone who re-charges their batteries by being alone; where as an extrovert gets their charge from other people. While I certainly like other people and can be outgoing, I’ve definitely evolved to where going out to parties is a special occation event, not a regular thing, and staying home is much favored for relaxing.