out, about, around, over the equator

I called Kate today to make plans for the long Australia trip. She’s like “Where are we meeting tomorrow?” I said “WTF, you know we leave on Tuesday!” she said “Hey dork are you looking at the itinerary, because I am. We leave TOMORROW.” (all quotations approximate.)

Sure enough, what I had typed into iCal did not match what the email said, and I am leaving 24 hours before I thought I was going to. Fortunately, this is only a minor inconvenience. This also means I’m getting back a day early which is actually sort of helpful.

So I have to finalize three talks, find a way to print some stuff, read up on Perth and find something half decent to READ all before getting into the car tomorrow, to drive to the bus, to get to the plane to LAX, to the other plane to Melbourne, to the other plane to Perth where it will be 2 in the afternoon and I will be going to sleep. I travel pretty well actually. I can stay up for a good long while. I’m short so I fit in seats. I don’t need to eat a meal every three hours. It will be fine.

Travelling with Kate is also exceptionally fun, or has been in the past and I see no reason why it would be different now. I have also been reading up on the wave of flight delays and cancellations over the past week or two and am prepared for the absolute worst. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if this turns out as planned, and otherwise I’m loaded with energy bars, benadryl, digital and non-digital hobby projects, books and my wacky sense of humor which should get me through most trials with ease. Fewer updates for a few weeks, but hey with RSS who cares?

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  1. Hi Jessamyn. Looking forward to your presentation at loclibs in Perth. Glad you’ll have an “extra” day to recover from your flight. If I can help you with any info about Perth, feel free to contact me. Cheers.

  2. We miss you already! The pool was empty tonight!

  3. bon voyage!
    i look forward to down under photos & posts.