out of my boot

I went to put on my ultra-snow boots today (one level up from my regular snow boots and two levels up from my boots, three levels up from my normal walking around shoes) because I went out to fill the bird feeders. Since my yard is pretty much full up with snow, I dug a narrow trench from the porch to the tree. Since it was morning and I was only sort of dressed, I slipped my feet into my boots barefoot. I discovered a tiny pile of seeds jammed up one of the toes, along with a ladybug husk and some nur. My friend the mouse had clearly found a new place to go when he vacated my bed. I have no idea how long he’s been out of my boot.

I fly to Manhattan, Kansas tomorrow for a one day workshop and back on Tuesday. Then it’s just one more week til Australia, the land of Dr Seuss trees, funny little and not so little animals, librarians and friends. I’m looking forward to returning and possibly even more to getting to show my sister around the place.


What do you think?


  1. Did you go to the KU-K State game?

    Hope your talk went well.

    You can thank me for arranging the warm Kansas weather for your visit.


  2. I watched the game on TV. Thank you for the weather!