sfo wrap-up

So I took the redeye back this morning and I have to say it wasn’t bad. Direct Oakland to Boston, five hours and a little bit, left at 10:30-ish which meant that I got into Boston at around the time I usually go to sleep (sunrise nonwithstanding. I acclimate to timezones quickly) and got on the bus and did just that. For a whirlwind trip, this went well. I had a meeting at the Internet Archive where I was sort of an extra advisory player in a new scheme they’re working on. It’s somewhere between hush-hush and too dull to bore you with, so I’ll talk more about it later when it’s more fully formed. Nothing fancy on my end, no new job or anything, though I might get to drive the Internet Archive Bookmobile around this Summer, just maybe.

Friday was the meeting. Saturday I got to hang out with Judith and her new four-legged pal Lyle and go romping around at the beach. Saturday night was Rick Prelinger’s birthday party which I was happy to be able to go to. It was another one of those small world moments where people I knew from other places just happened to be there and were like “oh what are you doing here?” I stayed with my radref pals James and Shinjoung who I have mostly gotten to see only at library conferences and it was fun to just chill out and watch the weather and noodle with laptops and drink coffee.

On Sunday Pete and I went for a long walk on the Tennessee Valley trail in Marin. The weather was a crazy 65-ish and sunny; the place was packed. We came back with enough time to grab Ana and get burritos at Cancun before I caught my flight home, then the bus home, then the drive home. I expected to walk into a house with a madly blinking answering machine after the favorable press coverage over the weekend, but I just had some annoyed birds and the rumbley furnace.

I got in at 11, checked email, ate, drank coffee and then headed for the pool. Even though I feel like I did nothing but walk this weekend, swimming still felt like a workout. Now the time difference and the sleep deprivation is catching up, so it’s an early bedtime for me. I left my camera cable in San Fran otherwise there would be more pictures.

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  1. I can not imagine a better person to drive that bookmobile.

  2. Why do I decide to catch-up on your journal the day AFTER you leave SF? Doh!

    Give me a heads-up next time and we’ll have tea…and you can borrow my spare bike!