three feet high and snowin

How about that, we got something like three feet of snow. I am in the odd habit of saying “we” about things here. I used to think it was a holdover from living with other people, but now when I say it, it just feels like I’m the spokesperson for Vermont, or my town, or something. It’s a strange tic, I don’t know where it comes from exactly. We got a lot of snow. I had nothing planned yesterday. I decided to make soup and was pleasantly surprised that with no advanced planning, I had all the ingredients. I was briefly hassling myself “You knew there was a blizzard coming and you didn’t stock up on staples?!” but it was fine. We didn’t even lose power, rather I didn’t lose power, or the house didn’t.

I shovelled the steps three times yesterday and by the last time, right before I went to bed, I was shovelling snow UP off the steps onto the drifts, not down off them onto the ground. By the time I got up this morning, the plow guy had come by and all I had to do was toss a few shovelsful of snow away from in front of the garage. I felt like some sort of a yuppie “look at me with my fancy garage!” definitely luckier than some folks.

I sent Ola some links to the pictures. I spent a lot of time on the phone today. When I spoke to Ola today we determined that we’ll actually be in LAX at almost the same time, but I’ll be en route to Australia and she’ll be en route to Kiribati. We did not plan a meetup. I’m looking forward to getting postcards with fancy stamps.

I also spoke to a friend/colleage from Library Journal and some nice lady from the Times-Argus who is writing an article about Wikipedia. Unlike most media mentions of Wikipedia — including one recent really annoying profile on NPR — the woman I spoke with really seemed to understand how Wikipedia worked. I hope the article is decent. She found me by sending me email via my Wikipedia profile and emailed asking for a good time to call. I emailed back “I’m home today, unless I’m outside shovelling” and she called. For people who ask why I’m quoted in the paper more often than your average Vermonter, my answer is this: I am incredibly easy to find.

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What do you think?


  1. I think if you said “I got something like three feet of snow,” I would worry that you had your own personal snowstorm. Which would either be very weird weather or delusions of snowbound grandeur. So “we” works for me. Or us. Whatever.

    Also, thanks for the link to that incredibly stupid NPR piece. I was talking back to the radio during that one.

  2. You are, in fact, incredibly easy to find. That’s one of the reasons I keep quoting you.