it’s a good and bad week for….

It’s a good and bad week for birds. The grosbeaks have come back this week and I saw a Baltimore oriole way up high in the trees which never happens. My neighbor Chris was over so he was able to help me identify the bird and share in the little “yay orioles!” party. It was a bad week for the hermit thrush who flew into the window, first one of the season.

It was a good and bad week for Ubuntu+Jessamyn. I got briefly internet-famous which as you all know does not translate into beer or anything useful most of the time. Then I spent too much of yesterday trying to get Ubuntu to do all the great stuff it does on my own laptop. I installed what seemed like several hundred package upgrades. I got Flash working. I was online… and then something happened and I wasn’t anymore. Then I looked out the window and was like “what the HELL am I doing inside today?” and left.

It was a good and bad week for the lawn. I actually got off my ass and raked up last year’s leaves and gave everything the once over. The good news is that tulips and daffodils are up and looking great. The bad news is that I have no idea what the hell I am doing and that’s going to be clear in about four days as the lawn gets overgrown and I don’t even know how to start the lawnmower. I’d consider investing in seven cats just so it’s obvious that I plan to hole up here for the next 40 years (j/k, j/k) but my neighbor has those. Maybe he’ll let me borrow them.

My Summer travel plans include Burlington (VLA), Puerto Rico (ACURIL), Ann Arbor, New York (wedding), Portland (MeFi Anniversary) and Seattle (wedding). I think I am taking August off.

What do you think?


  1. I totally know what you mean about the lawn…although I do know how to start the mower. Today I face my third lawn mowing of the season already!

    I hope I might be able to see you this summer!

  2. I got briefly internet-famous which as you all know does not translate into beer or anything useful most of the time.

    Well, even if that video doesn’t translate into anything useful, per se, it might translate into a boyfriend. ;)

  3. Your ubuntu video has now gone national with the weekly American Libraries Online edition from 5/9. (I’m a little behind in my emial journals.)

    I was just scanning through the “Tech Talk” section and said, “Hey, I went to grad school with her!”

    Hello from a fellow master of Librarianship. I was one of the two Karens in class, the brunette, not the blonde. I still ride motorcycles, so I’m still doing my part to bust the librarian stereotype!

  4. Congrats on your Ubuntu fame!

    From the likewise Ouroboros-tattooed librarian in Michigan.

  5. I am a fellow Bethel, Vermonter. I grew up there and was actually there last weekend. My entire family lives there and I am sure you know a few of them. I’m stationed at Fort Drum, NY for the next month and then will be moving to VA. Here is my Blog and feel free to contact me any time.
    -Tony Wood