how much?

I have heard about people that lie to their psychiatrists. I almost lied to my mechanic today when I took my new (to me) car in for an inspection and some new tires. For some reason I was inordinately concerned with what he thought about the car and my ability to have gotten a decent deal on it. He liked the car and didn’t call me any names when I told him, honestly, what I paid for it. Yay for new cars.

What do you think?


  1. Your mechanic intimidates me too. I would have reacted the same way :)

  2. I can so relate to this.

    I never buy myself stuff but splurged and bought some decent sneakers. My feet hurt. A few days later I was in the shoe store with a kid and the salesman, while I was cheaping out on a kid who’s going to outgrow them in a few months anyway, asked what I paid for my ‘kicks’.

    I wasn’t about to admit what they cost and mumbled some lame lie. I felt badly, but got over it quickly.